There are nine full time teachers at Enaikishomi of which four are employed by the government and five are paid by the Amy Elgar Trust.   In addition, the Trust also pays for a part-time sewing teacher, a cook, a gardener and a security guard.   As the School has an excellent reputation and very good facilities, it has been able to attract some excellent teachers.

A key policy has been to provide all the teachers (and also the gardener Dan) with accommodation on the school campus where they benefit from free water, wash basins, showers and food.   This means that the teachers do not have to spend time walking to and fro (the nearest village is a 45 minute walk) and so they have time for extracurricular activities – sports, chess and an environmental club.  Most importantly they know each other very well and work together as team.
At home most of the children communicate in the local Masaai dialect, Ma which (to our initial concern) is banned during school time.   The children are taught in Kiswahili and English.   We know form our own experience that most have a good command of spoken and written English.

The pupils at Enaikishomi have consistently performed extremely well in the continuous assessment tests.   Of the 22 schools in North Laikipia, Enaikishomi nearly always features in the top three .The Enaikishomi teachers are intensely competitive and are mortified if their class performs less well than anticipated.

The results are a tribute to our excellent team of teachers and the hard work of the children, most of whom come from homes without lighting (which makes homework difficult) and whose parents are mostly illiterate.


Typical Maasai home

Typical Masai home