Review of 2020

Dear Friends and Supporters

We are all unanimous in saying that 2020 was a very difficult year, not only here in the UK but throughout the world. In Kenya, the Enaikishomi School was closed from March to mid-October, only re-opening fully in January this year. Our trip to Nairobi in May to inspect some eco-toilets and deal with other administrative details was cancelled as a result of the covid virus.

However, even before the pandemic arrived, Edward and I were so saddened by the sudden death of a family friend and loyal supporter of the Amy Elgar Trust, Annie Marchant who died on 9 January 2020. Annie’s generosity still continued as we learnt later in the year that she remembered the Amy Elgar Trust in her will.

Despite the fact that we could not inspect more modern eco toilets in Nairobi, we felt that the urgent need for more and better pupils’ toilets still remained. We therefore decided to agree to the recommendations of the logistics team at Lewa Wildlife Conservatory and building… or rather digging first of all… began in the autumn.

Throughout 2020, Dan, the gardener continued to work within the School compound and both the vegetable garden and the flower borders flourished.

A new friend and neighbour at Enaikishomi, Mike Scott, continued to inspect the borehole, the header tank and all the meters every quarter and report back to us. We are now beginning to build up a clear picture of the water usage, despite 2020 being such an odd year.

In addition, other new neighbours to Enaikishomi School, Peter and Sarah Kinyua, secured donations which enabled the recent purchase of Spectron boards to enhance the technological education available to the pupils.

It is good to see the children returning to Enaikishomi School and resume their education. We have yet to learn the effects of 9 months’ lack of education and especially for those who were not able to graduate at the end of the academic year in 2020.

Edward and I hope to visit the School in May this year (just re-booked our flights) but in the meantime we thank you all for your continued support and interest.

With best wishes Sandy and Edward Elgar


We were delighted to visit Enakishomi again in October and to have with us our eldest daughter Catherine, her husband Tim and their three children Eloise (11) Joshua (9) and Rose (nearly 7) as well as my nephew Ben and his girlfriend, Justine.



We received a very warm welcome from both teachers and pupils. As part of our introduction, we were treated to some presentations and poems on the environment, followed by some excellent traditional Maasai dance and song from members of the music club.

The School Accounts

The school accounts ….or rather lack thereof …..have been an ongoing source of concern. This issue was raised both with the Headteacher and members of the School Board of Management who are co-signatories to the bank accounts. Thankfully, the Headteacher had kept records and there was no obvious evidence of wrongdoing.

2018-3It has been agreed that in future school fees (KES 400 or £3 per child per term) will be paid electronically by Mpesa (98% of Kenyans use Mpesa on their (more…)

Report on visit in January 2017 by Sandy and Edward Elgar


We visited the Enaikishomi School again in January 2017.

Pupil numbers have grown significantly and are now around 230 with ages ranging from 3 to 12/13 years. As usual there are some steps forward and alas some steps back but, all in all, the School is making excellent progress and is now a pioneer in many areas such as environmental conservation and permaculture.


Enaikishomi Examination Results

The pupils at Enaikishomi have consistently performed extremely well in the continuous assessment tests. Of the 22 schools in the North Laikipia district, Enaikishomi nearly always features in the top three. It has to be said that the Enaikishomi teachers are intensely competitive and are mortified if their class performs less well than expected! This is a significant achievement for a (more…)