Visit report

Report on visit in January 2017 by Sandy and Edward Elgar


We visited the Enaikishomi School again in January 2017.

Pupil numbers have grown significantly and are now around 230 with ages ranging from 3 to 12/13 years. As usual there are some steps forward and alas some steps back but, all in all, the School is making excellent progress and is now a pioneer in many areas such as environmental conservation and permaculture.


Enaikishomi Examination Results

The pupils at Enaikishomi have consistently performed extremely well in the continuous assessment tests. Of the 22 schools in the North Laikipia district, Enaikishomi nearly always features in the top three. It has to be said that the Enaikishomi teachers are intensely competitive and are mortified if their class performs less well than expected! This is a significant achievement for a (more…)