Tree Project

The land around Enaikishomi has suffered from serious deforestation as trees have been cut down for construction and charcoal.

Cedar Trees

Cedar trees

The School has been actively involved in developing a plantation of indigenous trees many of which were donated by the Dyer family, the owners of the nearby Borana Lodge.

There are now around 100 trees mainly native cedar which grows very slowly but which is superbly well adapted to the very harsh environment.  It has recently been declared a protected species.   There is also a tall jacaranda tree and some beautiful bourganvillea.

The older children are responsible for watering the trees.   Dan, the gardener has recently established a nursery where he is growing a variety of native trees from seed and cuttings.     There is no doubt that the tree plantation will transform the landscape around the School in the years to come proving both shade and protection from the strong winds.

The Environmental Club planting a tree

The Environmental Club planting a tree